MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD - Do Not Resuscitate 2009

Monday, September 22, 2008

MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD have checked in with updates on their forthcoming new album "Do No Resuscitate", due out next year on Trustkill. The band has been tracking with Dean Baltulonis at Atomic (Sick Of It All, Pain It Black) and are finishing up now for a 2009 release.

Guitarist Justin Brannan said, "The new record is 1 part systems overload, 1 part Tragedy and 1 part funeral for a mexican bullfighter. We didn't listen to anything recorded after 1995 while recording this thing. We didn't set out to do anything but we wound up writing and recording a record that's a giant fuck you to just about everyone involved in underground music today. We stripped it down, covered it in bleach and set it on fire.

We employed a scorched earth policy which involved destroying anything that might be useful to the enemy while advancing through or withdrawing from the area or scene. We may do some shows or tour to promote this record, we may not. We have not broken up, and we never will.

We're doing what we want to do completely untethered to anyone or anything or any obligations or allegiance save for the 5 of us and maybe Geoff Silverman. We are unplugging the machine and letting it cool off. Let everyone else run around in circles for a while. We're buying run flats. That said, I think people who've supported us in the past we will enjoy this record. We stripped it all down and just left the engine."

Some song titles for "Do No Resuscitate" are:

A Danger To Myself And Others
Meth Mites
Graveyard Postcards
Steady Diet Of Wolf Eyes
Animal Mother

Get ready for the return of true hardcore for 2009...

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METALLICA's Death Magnetic: The METAL Injection Review

Last night, the METAL Injection crew got together, smoked an took in the new album from Metallica, Death Magnetic.

The first few tracks were not bad at all; quite tolerable. Hearing these new songs felt like the last 3 albums were a bit of a detour and this was actually their natural progression post-Black album. It was almost shocking to hear solos again. Sure some songs sounded a little long but it was decent enough to forgive (at the time).

When track 5, "All Nightmare Long" hit, we were blown away. It sounded as though they invited Kerry King into the studio to help produce the track. This is bar none the best track on the album. Real fast, real heavy. What the entire album should be. Just a really awesome old-school thrash jam. It was all downhill from there…

By this point it's been around 40 minutes and we're only halfway through the album. Following up "All Nightmare Long" was their hard rock appeasing track, "Cyanide" Its almost like this album has a split personality as the later songs song like Load-era progression. In that they sucked hard. Unforgiven 3 was just a bad (if not worse than) everybody's expectations. The instrumental just sounds like a demo that needed vocals.

We noticed almost all of these songs follow the same formula of intro, bridge, verse, chorus, verse, repetitive jam, chorus, another "meh" jam back to chorus. The songs start to get old quick to the point that we started shouting "END IT ALREADY". Bands are supposed to want you leaving more, whereas Metallica makes sure you eat everything on your plate and then stuff you with seconds even though you're already full.

By the end of the album, we were drained. When the album started, we were excited and wanting more but by the end we had more than enough; too much, in fact. If you trimmed some of these songs down to three and a half minutes as opposed to seven, they would be way more tolerable. The only song I have an interest in hearing again is track 5, "All Nightmare Long" and not much else.

This album is lightyears ahead of St. Anger across the board but still short of what could have been an awesome album. Here's to hoping that some brash young audio engineer will take this album, and do an edit trimming all the excessive fat and pointless jamming into a solid album of catchy hits. Maybe next time, Metallica.

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Headbangers Blog Bang of the Week: CRADLE OF FILTH singer discusses new record

Headbangers Blog recently caught with with Dani Filth of seminal black metal band CRADLE OF FILTH. Dani discusses many topics including their upcoming record, which many are saying is the heaviest record they've done since last decade's Cruelty.

Dani also discusses sound of the album, why he decided to to tell the story of De Rais, the band’s new drummer Martin Skaroupka, recording in the country with producer Andy Sneap and upcoming tours with Gorgoroth and Satyricon.

Listen to the entire interview right here.

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BAYSIDE Album Streaming Now!

BAYSIDE is giving fans a chance to preview their upcoming album exclusively on Myspace.

Head over to BAYSIDE’s Myspace page now to hear tracks off of the new album Shudder, which hits stores September 30th.

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